Software artisans

We are software artisans, passionate about software development and technologies. We have learned our trade writing a lot of software. We also enjoy reducing software, using refactoring, or contributing to other's good ideas, such that we do not have to write so much ourselves.

We hope you enjoy, or will enjoy, using our software; we also hope that you will help us through feedback write better software and continue build the best applications we possibly can.

Mission Statement

(read between the lines...)

We love software.
We walk on clouds, but we don't fall through.
We are citizens of planet Earth.
Let's box IT complexity into a red square.
Automation is cool.
It's fun to do.
So you can benefit too.

Who we work for?

The IT world is littered with complex and intrusive tools and solutions, promising the world and costing even more. At SixSq we strive to deliver no-nonsense tools, services and technology, that are powerful, efficient, fun to use and cost-effective.

We provide services to: 1. Enterprise and 2. SMBs, NGOs and field operations.


For enterprise, our flagship product SlipStream® is designed to deliver automation solutions using cloud computing technology (IaaS) as the underlying workhorse. This means companies can manage applications' lifecycle using the convenience of an AppStore and deploy their own DevOps processes feeding the AppStore. We support private, public and hybrid cloud use cases, to ensure that the right cost model is used to meet the evolving need and capabilities of the enterprise. Compared to our competitors, our solutions are much simpler and much more cost effective, both in terms of implementation and operations. And we build flexibility in our plans. Our pricing schemes are clear and simple. Whether you prefer subscription or license plans, directly or via partners and channels, we will find the right plan to meet your procurement requirements and preferences.

SMBs, NGOs and field operations

The cloud is a great technology, able to deliver savings, improved agility and in many ways a game changer. However, the cloud is out of reach of most Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Further, at the edge of the network we find, for example, aid and relief operations and villages in rural regions of Africa, South-East Asia or South America. To fill this gap in cloud computing adoption, we created the NuvlaBox, a semi-connected, turn-key and fan-less appliance, supercharged with our best software. The result is a powerful framework able to provide at the point of delivery, an AppStore that any non-IT expert can use to manage application deployments. Several NuvlaBox can also be remotely managed, bringing operations and maintenance costs right down. Through creative partnerships, we can deliver several use cases including: school-in-a-box, health-in-a-box, clinic-in-a-box, mobile-office-in-a-box, etc.

Why trust us?

Experts in the field of cloud and distributed computing, we are also truly independent, something very few companies can claim.

Most cloud companies have a vested interest in one cloud technology or service. We don't. While we take part in several communities and events, we ensure our SlipStream cloud automation engine is agnostic and works great on all the clouds out there.

This means we can be trusted as a reliable advisor, and believable when we claim that our solutions isolate CTOs and CIOs from taking the wrong decision when investing in a given IaaS cloud solution or service.

Should you use public or private clouds? Or both? Our SlipStream and NuvlaBox products support all three models. From a pricing point-of-view, we provide progressive plans so that you can start public or private and then explore hybrid, or even switch over.

We also pride ourselves on the loyalty our customers show us with near 100% recurrent business.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We collaborate and take part in several partner programs. Here is a summary of some of the most important relationships we have established in terms of partnerships and collaborations.


Amazon Solution Provider

SixSq's Nuvla service is configured to deploy on all Amazon's EC2 service regions. This means you can use SlipStream's simplicity and automation features to take advantage of Amazon's public cloud.


Exoscale Technology Partner

SixSq is technology partner to Exoscale, the leading Swiss cloud service provider. With services covering the full cloud spectrum, Exoscale provides tailored solutions which allow clients focus on their core business.

With the SlipStream connector now in place, customers can deploy their applications to the Exoscale cloud with one-click, making efficiency savings by deploying simple to complex applications repeatedly with orchestration and dependence management.


IBM Partner World Member

IBM Business Partner

SixSq is member of the IBM Partner World program. We have certified SlipStream on IBM hardware and software solutions, making IBM a sound target for solid SixSq-based deployments.

Helix Nebula - The Science Cloud

Open Virtualization Alliance Member

SixSq is a founding member of the Helix Nebula collaboration, which is a pioneering partnership between science and business in Europe. It is paving the way for a Cloud Computing platform that offers a unique resource to governments, businesses and citizens and which is charting a course towards sustainable provision of cloud computing for Europe.

More information is available here.

For Journalists and Editors

A more official SixSq definition:

SixSq delivers simplicity in this complex IT world. We provides cutting-edge cloud technologies that are key to the latest movement in cloud computing, Business-as-a-Service, shielding organisations from the pain of dealing with the nuts and bolts of delivering enterprise software. SixSq’s cloud management platform, SlipStream®, delivers efficiency savings via automation and self-service IT.

SixSq’s turnkey cloud appliance, NuvlaBox®, brings together all of these concepts, delivering an easy-to-use, affordable and unique private cloud solution.

SixSq’s active participation in numerous international cloud initiatives has solidified its reputation as a leading European cloud expert. For example, SixSq’s technical leadership in the Helix Nebula initiative, a partnership between big science and cloud providers under the leadership of CERN, ESA and EMBL has been instrumental in establishing an open scientific cloud platform in Europe. The company hosts, manages, and supports the Helix Nebula Marketplace (HNX) broker, via its Nuvla™ service, which delivers seamless, on-demand and large-scale access to a range of commercial cloud services. Based on SlipStream®, the Nuvla™ service also provides automated deployment and management of cloud applications.

SixSq is part of the RHEA Group, a leading supplier of systems engineering services and software solutions to the Aerospace and Security. Their combination of cloud computing and cyber security skills offers outstanding expertise to customers in scientific, government and commercial sectors.