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Bringing Innovative IT to Remote Communities

Remote areas are often overlooked when it comes to communications and technology infrastructure, including provision of high-speed, secure internet access. Find out how innovative IT can help

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Cyber protection for critical infrastructures

All connected systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Are you responsible for cyber protection of critical infrastructures? Are you worried about the governance of your infrastructure in the face of cyber attacks? If so, read on.

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Cloud Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart Cities are the new tech topic. How do cloud technologies play a role in Smart Cities? Find out how to set the building blocks for your city in the cloud

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Managed Service Providers

Are you a Managed Service Provider looking to improve your services in this cloud era? Find out how introducing an affordable application deployment tool can change your business

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Value-Added Resellers

How can Value-Added Resellers capitalise on their application knowledge to provide managed services?

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IaaS Service Providers

With so much competition in the cloud infrastructure market, IaaS providers have to find new ways to stand out. SixSq has the answer.

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Revolutionising education in emerging markets

Are you looking for a way to bring your software solutions to rural areas? Do you want to give your satellite technology an added boost? The NuvlaBox is a simple, affordable IT solution which can do just that

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