Use Case: Smart Cities

Context: Cyber Intrusion Solutions


Thanks to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now much easier to monitor traffic patterns, pollution, water, power and light using ultra-low-power sensors, wireless networks, as well as web and mobile-based applications. This brings with it security and cost concerns. Authorities are required to detect any cyber intrusion into control systems used for critical infrastructure protection. In this case, the NuvlaBox can be deployed in control units across the city, where cyber intrusion detection applications are remotely deployed and monitored. Since cyber intrusion detection is running locally in the critical infrastructure, even in the case where an attacker was successful in cutting the network, the local applications are still able to detect the intrusion. The private cloud could then be equipped with alternative means of communication, such as mobile or satellite connectivity, able to deliver the alert to the appropriate operation team and authority.

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