Use Case: Security Installations

Context: Remote control of local security application

User: Clara the DevOps Engineer

Protection of goods, people and networks is becoming increasingly important and yet more challenging. Deploying the NuvlaBox as part of your security installation can help with the following:

1. Video surveillance

The NuvlaBox is perfect for a situation which requires local processing of video streams, to avoid sending large amounts of high definition images on the network. Large unedited video streams are a cause for concern in terms of security, privacy and bandwidth. By processing the streams locally on a NuvlaBox, the customer can process all of the original content, and only send back key events or alerts, as well as the processed video stream to the main servers, hosted in a different location.

2. Access control

Access control is key to control who or what can physically enter a location AND who can view or use resources in a computing environment. Security workers can now be equipped with a device which automatically grants access to authorised areas and feeds back information to a central control unit. Tracking these devices is essential to ensure security of personnel, premises and goods. But what happens when connectivity drops or is tampered with? Using a NuvlaBox, you can run the access control application within the building or site to ensure local operators are always connected and in control, even if external connectivity is lost.

3. Access monitoring

As more and more doors, windows and mobile items are connected and tracked, site operators have the ability to monitor their assets, set alarms and quickly investigate when unauthorised access is detected. These applications can now be deployed effortlessly and remotely, meaning that the site is not only autonomous in terms of access monitoring and in cases of loss of connectivity, but it can also be updated and managed at a distance. IT experts can do their work remotely saving on travel costs, as well as being much more responsive in case of IT incidents.

If you’d like to know more about how the NuvlaBox can form part of your security installation, or if you would be interested in integrating your product in our echo system, get in touch with the SixSq team.

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