Use Case: Simple IT for Remote Operations

Context: SME, NGOs

User: Alice the App Store User

Users operating in the field, such as aid workers (e.g. relief efforts, aid camps) and journalists (e.g. sports events, international conferences, emergency coverage) require a local IT infrastructure. A platform which can be used by non-IT specialists to simply and securely deploy applications locally has enormous value. When combined with the ability to call home in a secure manner, as is required by journalists, for example, to deliver their material, such a platform can make a real difference.

With its App Store giving the ability to deploy applications with 1-click and its capacity to run up to 8 virtual servers locally, the NuvlaBox is an ideal solution. Once the NuvlaBox has been pre-loaded with the right set up, the App Store can deploy applications autonomously (i.e. without needing network access) to support field operators. Furthermore, since field operators can deploy applications themselves, significant cost savings can be made by letting technical staff focus on more complex tasks and support.

But that’s not all. The NuvlaBox has its own Wi-Fi capabilities, which can be used to disseminate important information to other co-workers within a secure network, keeping everyone up to date with what is going on.

If an external network is available - e.g. via satellite link - even for a short period of time, the NuvlaBox can then call home to allow it to be remotely accessed. This allows off-site IT experts not only to monitor the box, but also to automatically update image recipes and blueprints, perform maintenance tasks and backup important data.

If you’d like to know more about how the NuvlaBox can provide a simple and affordable IT solution for your field ops, get in touch with the SixSq team.

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