Use Case: Putting Intelligence at the Edge of the Network

Context: Telco / Network Service Provider

User: Alice the App Store User, Bob the Manager, Clara the DevOps Engineer

Network and internet service providers are constantly trying to improve control and handover at the edge of their network. For example, they have to ensure that the crossover between the end of their network and the entry-point to the customer’s private infrastructure is as smooth as possible.

A number of measures can help here, including:

  1. firewall to protect the customer’s private network
  2. cache services for popular data
  3. backup service enabling offsite data stream at night or during low network utilisation

The problem is how to provide this type of functionality in a convenient, homogeneous way, at a price affordable to the customer, yet maintaining a low operation cost for the provider?

The NuvlaBox is ideally suited for this mission. The local App Store can be factory loaded with a set of apps defined by the provider. These can either be provisioned remotely by the provider or locally by the customer, depending on the provider’s preference.

Using the ability to control and monitor many NuvlaBoxes from the same pane of glass, via SlipStream, means that the network provider can optimise its operations, streamline costs and batch control all NuvlaBoxes.

If you’d like to know more about how the NuvlaBox can provide an IT solution for edge of the network issues, get in touch with the SixSq team.

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