Use Case: Enabling Education

Context: Schools or Federation of Schools

User: Alice the App Store User

In a school, college or e-Learning situation, the customer is interested in controlling simple content delivery for classroom environments, including hands-on experience, requiring a local dedicated Wi-Fi network and individual student environment for the exercises. By providing the environment in a local private cloud, the learning experience is independent of the network. Meanwhile, the learning programme can be managed remotely, based on a set schedule. This means teachers do not have to be troubled with set up tasks and can focus on the teaching. It also relieves the need for technical staff be present at each teaching site, meaning maintenance and support contracts can be reduced, resulting in cost savings for the school or college.

NuvlaBox helps simplifies on two fronts:

  1. Rationalise the hardware by turning existing servers into virtual servers and running them on a single box: NuvlaBox. With up to 8 virtual servers (virtual machines) per NuvlaBox, the scale factor is significant. You can even stack NuvlaBoxes to increase capacity.
  2. Automate software deployment by using an App Store to deploy applications, non-IT specialists can deploy and configure complex applications, with no compromise on security. Furthermore, with the secure remote control feature supported by NuvlaBox, off-site specialists can remotely manage the box and update its hosted applications, saving on travel costs and improving response time.

With the generalisation of applications for schools and the tendency for schools to federate, the ability to securely manage and remote control NuvlaBoxes also means that IT knowledge can be centralised, yielding even higher savings, while delivering a higher and more consistent level of service.

If you’d like to know more about how the NuvlaBox can provide a simple and affordable IT solution for your school, get in touch with the SixSq team.

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