Who uses SlipStream and why?

Meet our SlipStream users. Which one are you?


Alice is busy working on different projects. She has little patience for IT related issues. She is a ‘plain’ user of SlipStream.

For her, SlipStream is an App Store she uses to provision enterprise applications. She is not interested in the technical details of the cloud.

The thing that matters most for her is where her app will run. She already has her credentials for the clouds she deploys to.


Bob is the manager responsible for the users wanting to deploy apps in the cloud. He doesn’t need to deploy applications himself.

Bob is concerned with user access rights, quotas and usage. He wants a clear overview of how much users are consuming on each cloud.

He also wants to understand which applications are being deployed, how many resources they are using and how much this costs. He might be the one directly responsible for paying for all this consumption, or he may have to liaise with the accounts manager.


Clara loves software and application details. She’s the one providing SlipStream with recipes and blueprints for application deployment automation.

She can also create recipes that can take advantage of mutable deployment for auto-scale scenarios.

She’s the one providing all the magic that Alice uses when she deploys using the App Store.


Dave is a system administrator. He installs, manages and updates the SlipStream service in the organisation.

He also liaises with cloud service operators regarding configuration. Dave can publish applications created by Clara so they appear in the App Store for Alice to use.

As the ‘super user’ of SlipStream, he can add and remove cloud connectors and configure them all.

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