SlipStream Smart cloud-in-a-box appliance

Delivering savings with a simple and secure private cloud solution. Reduce operational costs. Improve efficiency.


Private cloud for SMEs

  • Affordable entry point to cloud
  • Sets up in seconds, no IT expert needed
  • Remote management and update of apps
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Smart City Solution

  • Cyber Intrusion Detection
  • Data storage and processing at the Edge of the Network
  • Reliable local connectivity
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Simple IT solution for complex world

  • Plug and play set up
  • Point and click application deployment
  • Apps cached locally, reducing dependency on network availability
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NuvlaBox Standard

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NuvlaBox Mini

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What do you get?

Privacy & Security

For most smaller organisations, the cost of a private cloud infrastructure is prohibitive. With the NuvlaBox, you get an affordable entry point into cloud computing. NuvlaBox includes complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. All communication is encrypted and deployments automated for higher security. This means that there is no compromise on cloud capabilities. Or security. And it's all yours.


Smart factory settings and zero config means it's a child's play to set up and use. You plug it in, power it up and you are good to go. Combined with its remote-control capabilities, this means you don't always need IT experts on-site.


Once powered-up, the box will create its own local Wi-Fi network, which can be used by any device (e.g. laptop, smart phone, tablet, pc). The NuvlaBox can also be remote controlled.

Cost savings

Replace up to 8 of your servers with an appliance as small as a modem...or 2 Swiss chocolate boxes. The NuvlaBox can fully manage up to 8 virtual servers, including applications, from a user-friendly web interface. Why clog up your office with ugly servers?


The NuvlaBox supports hybrid deployment scenarios, so you can scale out to remote or public clouds, giving you the simplest ever complete hybrid cloud solution. Workloads can easily be moved from a private cloud to a public cloud giving flexibility and efficient scaling.

Designed in Switzerland, made in Europe

The hardware of the NuvlaBox Standard and Mini appliances are the result of a fruitful collaboration between SixSq and Logic Supply from Holland. Here is another example of SixSq, working closely with partners, taking in this case advantage of the experience of an expert in the field of hardware design, integration and products logistics.

Who is it for?

Small and Medium Enterprises

The NuvlaBox is perfect for SMEs wishing to access a small to medium-sized private cloud. It offers an affordable entry point into private company cloud computing which doesn't require on-site IT support.

Large Enterprises

Ideal for larger enterprises wishing to federate smaller sites, the NuvlaBox can be interconnected to maximise sharing and optimise resource utilisation. It also offers a solution to service providers experiencing edge-of-the-network problems.

Governments and Public Bodies

Due to its simplicity, portability and flexibility, the NuvlaBox has countless uses in the field of education, medicine, field ops, critical infrastructure. Why not test us out and see if we can help you with your IT problem? NuvlaBox is now available on the UK's Digital Marketplace for public sector bodies.

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What's next?

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