SlipStream Features

A simple and secure private cloud solution which offers easy and affordable access to the benefits of cloud computing.

Privacy & security

All communication links in and out of the NuvlaBox are encrypted and deployments automated for increased security.

Affordable private cloud solution for small to medium-sized enterprises

Make your journey to the cloud an easy one. NuvlaBox comes pre-configured, making it simple to use, yet it gives you all the power of the cloud. A perfect first step for your cloud transformation. For most smaller organisations, the cost of a private and secure cloud infrastructure is prohibitive. With the NuvlaBox, you get an affordable entry point into cloud computing.

Ability to run up to 8 virtual machines on the NuvlaBox

No need for a farm of servers, with different maintenance contracts and corresponding administrative headaches. With NuvlaBox, you size your virtual machines and deploy applications, without needing to procure new hardware. If you run out of resources, simply stack NuvlaBoxes together and run them as a single unit.

8 in 1

Remote control several NuvlaBoxes from the same dashboard

NuvlaBoxes can be remotely controlled from the SixSq Enterprise Open App Store. This means that you can securely remote control your boxes and deploy applications from a single dashboard. This feature works even if the NuvlaBox is connected to the network via a private IP.

Preconfigured with standard operating systems

NuvlaBox comes with a library of standard operating system images, including different flavours of Linux and Windows.

Zero Configuration with built-in Wi-Fi network to reach your devices

NuvlaBox is a turn-key solution. You plug it in, power it up and you are good to go. In addition, it can establish a Wi-Fi network acting as a bridge and facilitating access from any type of connected device and sensor.

Full Power of the cloud

NuvlaBox includes a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, powered by OpenNebula, and a Platform as a Service (PaaS), powered by SlipStream. This means that NuvlaBox makes no compromises on cloud capabilities. It's batteries included, from virtual machine lifecycle management, all the way to application deployment and configuration.

Take advantage of the power of an App Store

You choose the store (local or SixSq Enterprise Open App Store) NuvlaBox deploys. This means applications and virtual machines are provisioned in 1-click, from a catalogue of pre-defined blueprints. Blueprints can be provided by you, SixSq or any third party vendor.

Built entirely from open source software

NuvlaBox is entirely built from open source software, including the CentOS base operating system, SlipStream and OpenNebula solutions.

Designed in Switzerland - Made in Europe

NuvlaBox is designed in Switzerland by SixSq and manufactured in Europe by Logic Supply . We can therefore guarantee each step of the product lifecycle, from concept to creation, integration and shipping.

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