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30% Energy Savings Thanks To Volumlight™ Smart Lighting Solution

In partnership with Schréder Swiss, SixSq has developed a smart street lighting solution which brings an unparalleled opportunity to deliver savings. By implementing the Volumlight™ solution, cities can reduce energy consumption by at least 30%, whilst still respecting safety standards. With this system, lighting levels are continually updated to reflect real-time traffic patterns, providing savings during periods of low circulation and ensuring safety at peak times. Operational costs are also reduced thanks to its remote control capabilities.

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Details are also available in French and German on the Schréder website. See Lösung Volumlight™ and Solution Volumlight

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Giving an Edge to Satellite Services

Satellite communications bring connectivity to customers in rural and remote areas who cannot obtain internet access from a terrestrial provider. This gives satellite companies a huge opportunity to deliver add-on service applications to these locations. The problem is how to deliver, maintain and support these applications securely and within a reasonable budget.

The NuvlaBox provides users of satellite connectivity and service providers with an affordable platform to host and support applications over a satellite link, drastically reducing operational costs yet at the same time improving service to the end user.

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Securing Smart City Solutions

Thanks to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now much easier to monitor traffic patterns, pollution, water, power and light. This gives municipalites a great opportunity to improve its services, but it also brings with it security and cost concerns. How can authorities ensure critical infrastructures are safe from cyber attack? The NuvlaBox can be deployed in control units across the city, where cyber intrusion detection applications are employed to ensure attacks are immediately reported and dealt with.

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