SlipStream Smart Cloud Application Management

Affordable, multi-cloud application management platform which supports DevOps, Big Data and Smart City strategies.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Take full advantage of the cloud, avoiding cloud provider and technology lock-in
  • Automate application deployment for your team, your organisation or your customers
  • Streamline your processes with your own self-service IT platform or Enterprise App Store
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DevOps platform

  • Increase the velocity and quality of your development and deployment
  • Integrate cloud deployment into the heart of your development process
  • Add full app deployment to your continuous integration system
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Hybrid cloud manager

  • Eliminate shadow-IT and reclaim infrastructure control
  • Take full advantage of public cloud with sound governance and no compromise on security
  • Use private and public cloud together to reduce costs and increase elasticity
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What do you get?


Repetitive, manual deployments are costing your organisation money. Introducing automation will reduce expenditure and give your teams more time to create greater things.

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Cloud Neutrality

SlipStream communicates with all mainstream cloud, i.e., IaaS, solutions. via a connector architecture. This means we're already talking to the cloud you use and will make it easier for you to deploy your apps there. Or if you can't decide which cloud to use, SlipStream takes the stress out of making the wrong decision. SlipStream’s cloud neutrality means it isolates users from vendor lock-in, providing unprecedented flexibility in your choice of cloud solutions.

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If your private cloud is not giving you all you need, but you don't want to invest in more infrastructure, you can use SlipSteam to scale out to a public cloud and get the best of both worlds.

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An Extensible Framework

Take advantage of existing templates, such as load balancers, database clusters, Hadoop systems and more. But don't stop there, you can extend these and create your own. You can also take advantage of configuration management systems, such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible. What about Docker? It's also batteries included, with support for Docker and Docker Swarms.

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Who is it for?

CIOs struggling to control cloud usage

If your developers are using their own credentials to access cloud services because provisioning applications within your organisation is too long-winded and time-consuming, then SlipStream is for you.

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Cloud Newbies

If you are considering cloud but don't want to make that big, and possibly expensive, decision of signing up with one cloud provider, SlipStream can give you access to most of the mainstream IaaS providers without being stuck with vendor lock-in.

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Managed Service Providers

The Managed Services sector represents the largest growing component of the IT market. SlipStream helps MSPs differentiate themselves in this highly competitive environment by allowing them to take advantage of automation and provide a higher level of service without adding cost.

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Value Added Resellers

The shift to cloud services, particularly to “Software as a Service offerings”, has disrupted the Value-Added Reseller business model. In the cloud era, customers now expect access to their specialised applications without the hassle and cost of running the hardware. SlipStream helps VARs offer that service.

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IaaS Providers

The commoditisation of cloud resources has squeezed IaaS service providers forcing them to differentiate their services from their competitors or to live with ever reducing margins. They face increasing competition from cloud service offerings at all levels. SlipStream meets these challenges, providing advanced automation features and significant benefits simplifying the transition from a IaaS provider to a Managed Service Provider.

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How do you use it?

Sign up for free on Nuvla, the SlipStream as a Service managed by SixSq

SlipStream can be used for free via Nuvla. You only pay for the cloud services you consume. This is a good option if your organisation is happy with the idea of public cloud. Or if you just want to test it out. Signing up takes just a couple of minutes and the user interface is a pleasure. Go ahead, give it a try!

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Install it on premise

If you prefer to install SlipStream within your own walls, you can buy an on-premise license. The model can be tailor-made to suit your organisation. This option is best if you need access to support and maintenance, and to proprietary connectors.

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Buy our NuvlaBox

SlipStream also comes packaged in its own portable appliance, giving you an affordable way to benefit from a private cloud supplied with top class software.

This provides an affordable entry point to cloud computing. The NuvlaBox sets up in seconds and thanks to its robust fan-less design, will run for a long time.

Remote management and update of apps is also supported using a SlipStream 'mothership'.

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What's next?

Interested and want to know more? We'd be pleased to provide you with further information. Get in touch.

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