Research and Development

SixSq is at the frontier between innovative development and commercial exploitation. SixSq was born from ideas created at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. SixSq continues to participate in research and development projects, both at the national and international levels.

We bring our expertise and experience to projects in which we participate while also taking advantage of the projects’ international collaborations to refine and to expand our solutions: SlipStream and NuvlaBox.

The wider research community benefits from our commitment to open-source development and our customers benefit from the cutting-edge innovation coming from these projects.


Mobile Fog-to-Cloud Fog computing brings cloud computing capabilities closer to the end-device and users. When put together, cloud and fog computing create a new stack... read more


The EU-SEC project is studying ways to improve approaches to trust, assurance and compliance in the ICT market. To achieve its goal the project EU-SEC... read more


With a holistic approach, SCISSOR designs a new generation SCADA security monitoring framework to allow for connected, yet secure, industrial control systems. The framework contains... read more


The main goals of PAChA are first to design a new type of private cloud (portable, inexpensive, self-managing and secure appliance) and monitor the resources... read more


Security and data protection issues are a significant barrier to wider use of cloud platforms. PaaSword aims to reduce those barriers by providing trusted, secure... read more


CYCLONE develops a solution for complete dynamic multi-cloud application management from existing, production-quality components. The solution will include automated application management, advanced networking, end-to-end security,... read more


The goal of the CELAR project is to develop methods and open-source tools for applying and controlling multi-grained, elastic resource provisioning for Cloud applications in... read more

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