DS-Cloud Ready Pack launched Darest and SixSq

15 March 2012

Darest and SixSq announced today the release of the DS-Cloud Ready Pack. This commercial cloud solution is a turnkey Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud solution, which makes use of the StratusLab project’s open-source cloud computing distribution.

“For Darest, the creation of the DS-ReadyPack is an opportunity to join forces with SixSq to create a new offer in the growing field of cloud computing” says Samuel Mellot, CTO of Darest. The Swiss IT Solutions provider will distribute the product integrated by SixSq.

The nervous system of this software solution is provided by SixSq’s SlipStream and OpenNebula. OpenNebula provides the cloud functionality, while Slipstream allows for automated deployment, ensuring simple, reproducible and safe provisioning of virtual environments.

This new product targets small and medium enterprises looking for a private cloud solution. A series of managed services are also being delivered, including a public StratusLab Marketplace and SlipStream services, providing users with up-to-date images, as well as construction and deployment recipes.

“Being able to create a commercial product, based on SlipStream software, with companies like Darest is very exciting.” says Marc-Elian Bégin, Co-founder of SixSq. “This shows how well focused FP7 projects can really make a difference in the commercial world and give SMEs like SixSq a significant edge.”


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