SlipStream – a new web interface for the EGI Federated Cloud

16 September 2013

A demonstration at the Technical Forum 2013 will show how to set up cluster deployments for virtual machines.

SlipStream is a web interface that allows users to configure multiple cloud services and set up custom deployments of multiple virtual machines. The demonstration at the EGI Technical Forum in Madrid shows how scientists can access EGI’s Federated Cloud resources using SlipStream, just as they can access commercial cloud providers.

The SlipStream software was developed by SixSq and has been tested by the Helix Nebula project as a technology solution to broker between the user and the different clouds on offer, both commercial and academic.

The proof-of-concept from the European Space Agency (ESA), previously run on HelixNebula’s commercial providers, was repeated using EGI’s Federated Cloud academic resources. The results of the successful experiment were demonstrated live at the EGI Technical Forum in Madrid (find here the video of the demonstration). The demonstration was part of the session EGI Cloud Infrastructure Platform: State of the art & demonstrations and was presented by Salvatore Pinto,’s cloud technologist.

“The demo showed how you can easily start a complex deployment on EGI Federated Cloud resources using the SlipStream web interface,” Salvatore says. “I used a real use case and as an example, I repeated the work performed by the European Space Agency during their proof of concept on EGI’s Federated Cloud.” In the demonstration, Salvatore deployed a computing cluster, based on the Globus grid middleware starting from basic OS image and connected it to ESA’s grid. He also demonstrated how to submit processing jobs to it using the ESA grid-processing on demand service.

Using SlipStream, users will be able to “see all FedCloud resources under the same hood, allowing them to provision reliably across them all, improving resource sharing and utilisation,” adds Marc-Elian Bégin, SlipStream product lead and co-founder of SixSq.

“The demonstration shows how academic and commercial cloud resources can be successfully run alongside each other,” says Steven Newhouse, director of “This is also an example of how the EGI community promotes innovation by partnering up with commercial technology providers such as SixSq.”

The integration of SlipStream with EGI Federated Cloud resources is part of Dynamic Deployments for OCCI Compliant Clouds, a mini-project under the EGI-InSPIRE framework. The work will benefit resource centres who will be able to offer complex cloud resources to end-users, and platform integrators who will be able to deploy complex scientific applications in the cloud, in a parameterised, repeatable and systematic way.

Find here the original news item from EGI.

More information on SlipStream is available.

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