SixSq part of H2020 Cloud Security Project

31 January 2017

Investigating effective and efficient approaches to trust, assurance and compliance in the ICT market

SixSq is pleased to announce its involvement in the H2020 EU-SEC project, an EU-financed project studying ways to improve approaches to trust, assurance and compliance in the ICT market, which kicked off on 1 January 2017.

The multinational and multidisciplinary consortium will work to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of existing approaches for assurance and compliance in the ICT market. The three core ideas behind the EU-SEC project are that an effective and efficient approach to trust, assurance and compliance has to:

The EU-SEC framework will equip stakeholders in the ICT security ecosystem with a validated governance structure, a reference architecture, and the corresponding set of tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their current approach to security governance, risks management, assurance and compliance. The EU-SEC aims to enhance trustworthiness and transparency in the ICT supply chain through business cases developed and piloted by industrial partners.

A website for the EU-Sec project offering regular news and information about the initiative will be launched in the coming months.

How is the project funded?

SixSq’s participation is supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI. The remaining partners are financed by the EU HORIZON 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

Who are the EU-SEC consortium partners?

The project involves nine partners from seven countries:

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SixSq Operations Manager
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