Hybrid Cloud Provisioning

Hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service which uses both public and private cloud infrastructures to perform different jobs within an organisation. In other words, choose the best cloud for the job. In a hybrid environment, when the same PaaS can support both public and private services, organisations greatly benefit from this level of flexibility and agility. By providing a homogenous platform, workloads can easily be moved from a private cloud to a public cloud for deployment and efficient scaling. This allows users to have a high degree of control over where a particular application is running.

However, many organisations already struggle with the complexity of managing their own cloud infrastructure, and can’t contemplate taking on board a hybrid cloud model.

SlipStream makes this step easier, by providing a simple tool able to abstract the difference between private and public clouds, allowing users to provision on either or both without being exposed to the complexity and differences of each. Users can choose which cloud to target and SlipStream ensures that each application is deployed in the same way on each cloud, delivering the same result to end-users.

With the ability to deploy applications across several clouds in 1-click, hybrid deployment is now within reach of all cloud-user organisations, allowing them to significantly increase robustness and availability of applications, without compromising on security.

Mangers can ensure the right infrastructure is used to host the right applications, providing an agile infrastructure for their organisation, whilst maintaining control and governance.

If you want to see how this works, ask for a demo. It takes just 30 minutes and will save you hours.

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