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Provisioning applications inside an organisation should be as simple as installing an app on a mobile device. Too often, the enterprise process for deploying an application triggers a chain reaction of hardware and software procurement processes that can take weeks, if not months. This drastically affects the ability of any organisation to be reactive and agile. And puts the organisation at risk of failing to meet Service Level Agreements, missing financial targets and exposing the system to security breaches.

What if we could deploy applications via an enterprise app store? These applications would have been vetted by the right department to ensure that once deployed they are configured in a secure manner and deliver the right level of service. Teams could contribute and publicise their work to the rest of the organisation via this app store, reducing duplication and costs, while increasing cohesion and awareness.

This is why we created SlipStream and included at it’s core an Enterprise Open App Store, so that provisioning applications is simple and safe. The ability to deploy with 1-click ensures that the application is provisioned automatically, minimising human intervention, risks and delays. The SlipStream multi-tenant capability means that different users can access different apps, with different privileges. The open part of the Enterprise Open App Store stresses the fact that SlipStream is an open system, where users can augment it themselves, within set parameters,sharing what they want to share, and keeping private what should be kept aside.

As a result, CIOs can avoid the shadow IT phenomenon, where teams prefer to circumvent the organisation’s infrastructure, often out of frustration, and use their own credit card to purchase VMs in public clouds. Thus SlipStream ensures a higher level of governance, policy and security. Meanwhile, CFOs can better control costs since provisioning is performed via a controlled process. But using the SlipStream app store feature doesn’t prevent organisations from taking advantage of public clouds. On the contrary. Look at the Hybrid Cloud Provisioning use case for details on how the app store works perfectly in a multi-cloud and hybrid mode.

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