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In partnership with Schréder Swiss, SixSq has developed an adaptive lighting solution which brings an unparalleled opportunity to deliver savings. By implementing this solution cities can reduce energy consumption by 30%, whilst still respecting safety standards. With this system, lighting levels are continually updated to reflect real-time traffic patterns, providing savings during periods of low circulation and ensuring safety at all times. Operational costs are also reduced thanks to the remote management capabilities of The solution has been successfully implemented in numerous European cities.

The solution leverages the power of the NuvlaBox software and the to command and control the edge devices hosting the adaptive lighting software. This can be extended to cover monitoring of air quality, sound pollution and much more without further intrusion into the city’s infrastructure.

Here’s how it works:

Smart City Architecture

Top benefits for this customer

Cost savings

The adaptive lighting solution has been proven to deliver 30% energy savings compared to more traditional systems. Deployments have demonstrated significant improvements over static dimming systems and have also provided improved traffic statistics for better infrastructure management.

Remote management

Edge devices running NuvlaBox software can be remotely managed, giving the customer full manageability devices and the applications inside them. enables automated commissioning of edge devices as well as monitoring, updates and alerts. In this case study, SixSq delivered a centralised edge management platform of all smart poles, across regions and end-customers.

Start simple and grow

In a smart city transformation, starting with one vertical application, in this case lighting, is easier and less risky than rolling out an entire horizontal platform. Cities can follow up with the addition of air quality monitoring, sound pollution tracking systems and much more.

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