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An NGO based in Geneva approached SixSq to help with the deployment of an application for field clinics in various locations around the world. They needed a robust, scalable solution that did not require an on-site IT specialist and which would work in areas where connectivity is often volatile. Using NuvlaBox software and in combination with the containerised field clinic application, SixSq provided a solution for remote management of the clinic software, including monitoring, updates and alerts. This enables the staff in the field to focus on what they do best and leave the IT to the tech experts.

Here’s how it works:

Outpost Architecture

Top benefits for this customer

Remote management

Edge devices running NuvlaBox software can be remotely managed, using a secured connection, giving you full visibility and manageability of each edge device and the applications running inside them. This feature works on all IP connectivity, even if the edge device is connected to the network via a private IP. It also works with intermittent connectivity, which is common in many field scenarios.

Built for Scale is built for scale. In any project, you can experiment with a pilot deployment then scale up, with agile commissioning of additional edge devices or additional applications.


Once powered up, any edge device installed with NuvlaBox software initiates a secured connection to Each edge device is then unique and assigned to a specific user organisation. This means that any device can be controlled remotely and isolated (quarantined), upgraded or downgraded should any problems arise.

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