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Piximate is a computer vision and AI solution company that connects the on-line and off-line worlds. Working closely with Piximate, SixSq has packaged their solution with NuvlaBox software and to provide a product which helps retailers close the gap between e-commerce analytics and in-store analytics. This innovative solution includes a near real-time notification mechanism which notifies store staff when opted-in customers enter the store, providing customers with the personalised shopping experience they are looking for. Add this to real-time behaviour analytics and you start to level the playing field.

The Piximate software makes intensive use of video analytics software, including AI, for facial recognition. No personal data is stored on the people being filmed, making the solution compliant with data privacy legislation. Instead, the software automatically calculates a unique signature for identifying people and only that signature is stored.

Cameras are deployed at strategic points in the store and are connected to an edge device running the NuvlaBox software. The edge devices and the application software are deployed and managed through the edge management platform.

Here’s how it works:


When a registered customer enters the store, relevant data is pulled from the company’s CRM. Sales staff can then approach the customer armed with name and purchase history, enabling a much more meaningful interaction with the client.

Top benefits for this customer

In-store real-time analytics

Retail stores need improved data insights. Foot traffic analytics from tools like people counters play their part, but competition from e-commerce demands a faster, more sophisticated response. with Piximate software provides real-time anonymised behaviour analysis to give a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

Personalised notification

A lack of personalised service is among the most significant common customer service complaints in retail. With an edge computing solution, store personnel are notified as soon as a registered customer enters the store, giving them the opportunity to provide a customised shopping experience.

Improved online to offline conversion

Most purchasers research online before buying offline. Integrating an edge solution with your customer data means that you can improve the shoppers in-store experience and optimise the chances of that purchase taking place.


NuvlaRetail is fully compliant with privacy legislation. No personal data is stored. Customers have to explicitly opt in to the VIP scheme to allow store staff to access their personal data.

Designed in Switzerland

This retail application and its Nuvla management software are designed in Switzerland. Working closely with our hardware and distribution partners, we guarantee that the product is integrated and certified according to our highest standards.

Near data processing

Bring the processing to the data. Instead of moving tons of data to the cloud, do the sensible thing and take advantage of edge computing. This means you process your data in near real-time and reduce your reliance on the networks.

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