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Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) refers to a constellation of satellites providing signals from space that transmit positioning and timing (e.g. GPS, Galilei, GLONASS) data to GNSS receivers. The receivers then use this data to determine location. SixSq is working with partners GMVNSL and University of Nottingham on the GNSS Big Data project, which is creating a disruptive solution to provide the GNSS developer community and public authorities with tools to gather new insights from GNSS data. Our customer is the European Space Agency (ESA).

Here’s how it works

Big Data Science Architecture

The volume of raw data produced and stored by the project at the edge and in the cloud is counted in Petabytes. This raw data is processed and analysed so that users can extract from it valuable information and insights easily. enables this process by providing users with data registration, management and processing capabilities via a rich web UI and API.

Users are able to define and run search parameters, allowing them to efficiently interrogate the available data, regardless of location (edge or cloud). In addition, automatically suggests which applications are available to process that data. Data is automatically and continuously analysed such that non-essential data can be discarded, making sure storage space is optimised.

This rich set of functionalities enables our clients to push their boundaries by bridging the gap between edge and cloud.

This case study is a good example of successful usage of data management features for the benefits of the Big Data aerospace community built by European Space Agency (ESA) around GNSS.

Here's the challenge.

Top benefits for this customer

Data management

This project collects and processes at the edge 10s of TBs of data per day per station. It handles sustained and on demand upload of the data to cloud. All the data gets registered in The system automatically optimises transfer and usage of storage both at the edge and in the cloud based on capacity and/or cost. A real edge-to-cloud challenge.

Built for Scale

This project builds on scalability feature. With 50 GNSS stations connected (a reasonable objective) the overall system would process 1PB of data at the edge daily, autonomously. With the ability for users to query data and deploy AI apps at the edge and in the cloud, we believe this architecture provides scale and flexibility never seen in this industry.


Security for this application is all about ensuring that the data is sound and unmodified. enables end-to-end security controls from the edge to the cloud, and back, using VPN, identity and access management, as well as integrity enforcement. This ensures that the science derived from the data produced by the system is build on a solid and dependable foundation.

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