SixSq Member of CityZen Initiative

31 August 2016 - Geneva, Switzerland

SixSq is pleased to announce its membership of the CityZen initiative. CityZen brings together Swiss companies with expertise in the field of Smart Cities and acts as a centre of competence for cities and communes which need advice on the concept, integration and realisation of Smart City projects.

Faced with budgetary restrictions, stiff environmental targets and the increasing expectations of their citizens, many municipalities are turning to “smart” solutions. Thanks to the expertise of SixSq and the other members of the initiative, Innobridge, EcoWaste, Spie, SwissTraffic, Schréder, Losinger Marazzi and Xemtec, CityZen covers all the issues which are key to any Smart City strategy: mobility, parking, energy, waste management, security and data management.

SixSq brings its expertise in Big Data, IoT, DevOps and Edge Computing, as well as its cloud-in-a-box solution, NuvlaBox.

CityZen and its members work in close collaboration with research departments from several universities, including EPFL, the University of Geneva and The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland.

For more information, visit the CityZen website or get in touch with SixSq or the CityZen team. You can even arrange a visit of the CityZen park to see the solutions in action.

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