Launching the Helix Nebula Science Cloud Prototype Phase

03 April 2017 - Geneva, Switzerland

The winners of the bids to build the HNSciCloud prototypes will be announced at CERN during the “Launching the Helix Nebula Science Cloud Prototype Phase” webcast event.

The award ceremony and the presentations of the solutions moving into the prototyping phase will be the focus of the webcast.

On November 2nd 2016, the awards ceremony for the successful bidders of the Helix Nebula Science Cloud tender took place in Lyon, France. A total of 28 multinational companies, SMEs and public research organisations from 12 countries submitted bids during the summer. The 4 winning consortia were:

  • Contractor 1: T-Systems, Huawei, Cyfronet, Divia
  • Contractor 2: IBM
  • Contractor 3: RHEA Group, T-Systems, exoscale, SixSq
  • Contractor 4: Indra, HPE, Advania, SixSq

Three of those four consortia will be selected to contribute to the prototpye phase. The duration of development will be 6 months, with 25% of the tender budget.

More information about the event is available on the Helix Nebula website.


3 April 2017


CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

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