Workshop to leverage Swiss Innovation for Earth Observation (EO) Data Processing Value Added Services

25 April 2017 - Geneva, Switzerland

Earth Observation (EO) data serves as an important basis for decision making in the areas of weather, environmental protection, land use, monitoring of coastlines, disaster management and sustainable development. The benefits of EO to society, the economy and science are well demonstrated.

SixSq is organising a workshop designed to leverage Swiss expertise in this field. Switzerland has a wealth of knowledge in the domain of EO data procesing and ICT. Most of this know-how is carried by SMEs. This workshop will explore how Swiss players can organise themselves to develop and deliver high-value added services at scale, based on Earth Observation data exploitation.


During the workshop, particpants will explore common approaches which will enable the acceleration of the creation and delivery of EO products and services, putting Switzerland in pole postion to address current and future market needs. This will include looking at current opportunities for funding in this field. The agenda includes examining use cases and collaborations. If you are interested, please get in touch for a more detailed agenda.

Who will attend?

Participants will include:

Earth Observation (EO) data processing experts Value added resellers of EO products ICT and cloud experts, building, delivering and operating services at scale Users (public and private sectors) Enablers of our vision (private and public sector) When?

4 May 2017, 09:30 to 16:30


EPFL Innovation Park,

Route Cantonale,



How can I participate?

Places are striclty limited and registration is by invitation only. If you would like to particpate, please contact Louise Merifield or Marc-Elian Bégin.

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