Representing Switzerland at European Symposium on Innovation and Export Policies for SMEs in Europe

14 June 2017 - Geneva, Switzerland

The aim of this European symposium is to inform SMEs about the policies put in place in various European countries to support their development through innovation and export.

The event is organized by institutions involved in the InnovENT-E project and will include an introduction from the Nobel Prize Winner for Economics, Mr Jean Tirole, as well as numerous opportunities to network and share experiences of business within Europe.

The SixSq CEO. Marc-Elian Bégin has been invited to participate in this event by Mr Nicholas Niggli, the Director General of Economic Development, Research & Innovation at Republic and State of Geneva. Mr Niggli is responsible for strengthening Geneva’s economic ecosystem & to position it to benefit from the opportunities of the digital age. At this event, he will be presenting his experiences on national and European politics.


15 June 2017, 09:00 to 17:00


Maison de la Région

1 Place Adrien Zeller

67070 Strasbourg


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