mF2C Meeting to Review Progress on IoT and Fog Computing Solutions

03 February 2018 - Geneva, Switzerland

The SixSq team recently hosted members of of the mF2C project in Geneva for a developer’s day and the project’s General Assembly.

What is mF2C?

We are experiencing a proliferation of wearable computers (smart watches), smart devices (smart meters, smart city, smart cars) and large-scale wireless sensor networks, all part of the Internet of Things (IoT). These smart devices are leading to the development of value-added smart services using cloud and fog computing. When used alongside cloud computing, fog computing presents a number of potential advantages, including real time processing, privacy of data storage and analysis, as well as new market opportunities with rapid innovation possibilities. However, this also throws up the challenge of managing fog and cloud computing systems in parallel. The mF2C project addresses the need for an open and coordinated management of these systems, which is especially relevant with the rise for smart cities.

Three days in Geneva

The first day was dedicated to a practical integration workshop in the SixSq offices that gave developers chance to progress work on the roadmap. Days 2 and 3 involved discussions on the functionality and integration of the key aspects of the project. Thanks go to HEPIA, the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva for providing us with conference facilities which allowed the group to spread out a bit.

What’s next?

There will soon be workshops on the use cases which are very interesting and practical examples of how fog computing impacts real life scenarios. The project will in particular work on security features.

SixSq’s participation in the project is funded by SERI under contract number 16.0202.

For more information, visit the project website

What’s next?

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