CERN and other leading scientific organisations choose SixSq’s Innovative Cloud Platform for Big Data Pilot Phase

06 February 2018 - Geneva, Switzerland

SixSq, a cloud solutions provider headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is part of a consortium selected for the prestigious pilot phase of the Helix Nebula - the Science Cloud (HNSciCloud) project. This is one of only two contracts awarded under the final phase of a €5.3 million pre-commercial procurement tender sponsored by ten of Europe’s leading public research organisations and co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. During this final stage of the project, the consortium will make available 10,000 cores and 1 PB of data, allowing research and scientific institutes to deploy applications at scale on the platform.

Along with RHEA Group as consortium leader, T-Systems, Exoscale, Advania and Cyfronet, SixSq will be working on the challenging needs of the European scientific community in both commercial and hybrid clouds, managing a range of applications, at scale and in a multi-cloud environment.

“We are delighted to be in the final phase of this prestigious contest. Looking at the competition like Indra, IBM and T-Systems, as an SME, it makes our achievement even more impressive. I’m incredibly proud of our amazing team,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq’s CEO.

The HNSciCloud buyers group consists of highly-demanding scientific laboratories and organisations, such as CERN, the world’s largest particle physics lab, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research. The idea behind the project is to bring together public and commercial organisations to provide innovative and cost-effective access to cloud services. This is driven by the big data revolution, requiring scientific communities to process ever-growing amounts of data over the next 10 to 15 years.

Following successful participation in the solution and prototype phases, SixSq will continue to bring the advantages of Nuvla, its multi-cloud management platform, to the pilot phase, giving the user group access a wide range of cloud services. The service is based on SlipStream, SixSq’s open source technology which increases quality and speed of application deployment in any cloud.

The results of the pilot phase will lead to a hybrid cloud platform on which a competitive marketplace of European cloud players can develop their own services for a wider range of users beyond research and science. This forms a solid foundation for building the European Open Science Cloud.

Charles Loomis, CTO at SixSq commented, “Our Nuvla service is ideal for addressing the elastic and demanding needs of the scientific community in an open and flexible way, while avoiding lock-in.”

All the updates on HNSciCloud can be found on the HNSciCloud website and on the HNSciCloud Twitter channel (@HelixNebulaSC).

About SixSq

SixSq provides cloud neutral solutions which allow companies and institutions to benefit from cloud computing while avoiding lock-in. Its smart cloud-in-a-box appliance, NuvlaBox®, is a simple plug & play IT solution which brings customers a private cloud at an affordable price as well as playing an intrinsic part of smart city and IoT strategies. SixSq’s smart cloud brokerage platform, Nuvla®, offers application deployment from a single, simple dashboard. Nuvla® is powered by SlipStream®, the company’s cloud management platform, which allows users to deploy any application in any cloud. SixSq’s active participation in numerous international cloud initiatives has solidified its reputation as a leading European cloud expert.

The team, which consists of highly skilled software engineers, developers and system administrators from many different countries, is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and embraces the Swiss ideals of excellence, innovation and precision. SixSq is a member of the RHEA Group.

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