Talking Cloud and Digital Transformation at HPE Discover and Partner Summit

14 June 2018 - Geneva, Switzerland

HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas will focus on emerging technologies which are set to upturn industry. There are eleven content tracks covering key topics around digital transformation. Thousands of technology experts from around the world will gather at the event for learning and networking, all hoping to take away key intelligence that will boost their business. Important topics include:

  • The Intelligent Edge
  • Hybrid IT and cloud
  • Emerging Technologies

These are exactly the topics that drive SixSq innovation. The company’s intelligent device NuvlaBox is a key component in edge computing scenarios and Nuvla, the hybrid cloud and edge application management service, is ideal for large and small enterprise, as well as public bodies needing to host and manage a variety of private and public cloud resources.

SixSq CEO Marc-Elian Bégin will be joining industry experts in the panel discussion entitled There is more than a single cloud story: How to capitalize in the platform economy with HPE and Cloud28+. The panel will take place on Tuesday 19 June 2018 from 10:30 to 11:30. According to leading market intelligence firm IDC, by 2020 over half of global enterprises will design and deploy their own digital transformation platforms to develop and manage core IP and data as essential IT platform tools. These will require integrations to various cloud platforms, industry resources, data sources, development communities, partners and customers and so on. Panel members will discuss how businesses can accelerate the creation of end-to-end digital business platforms for their clients.

The Cloud28+ community was created with this goal in mind, bringing together partners from around the world who can combine expertise to deliver digital services. The Cloud28+ Demo Stand is located in the Transformation Zone at DEMO411.


18 to 20 June 2018

10:30 to 11:30 PST

Can’t attend? At least you won’t be tempted by the famous Las Vegas roulette wheels. But you can Watch live

Live streaming coverage will be available on the HPE website.

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