Announcing Nuvla v2 the Secure Edge to Cloud Management Platform

12 June 2019 - Geneva, Switzerland

SixSq, the leading edge-to-cloud technology solution provider, has announced a major upgrade of its cloud management platform Nuvla which will be released on 27 June 2019.

Nuvla is a collaboration framework that enables digital transformation and adoption of edge-to-cloud architectures. The platform brings together cloud, edge, AI and IoT, facilitating the implementation of operational edge-to-cloud solutions.

What is the motivation behind the upgrade?

After listening to feedback from customers and partners, the SixSq team has been working hard to make the Nuvla platform even better. Here are some of the drivers:

  • Increase support public clouds, private clouds and private infrastructures
  • Adopt Docker container technology for packaging and ease of deployment
  • Built on Clojure for scalability
  • Provide an even better NuvlaBox – more details to come
  • Facilitate on premise deployment for enterprise customers
  • Flexibility to build more solutions such as NuvlaRetail, NuvlaHealth

A Sample of the New Features

  • Takes away Container complexity while delivering benefits
  • Improves end-to-end security
  • Accelerates AI deployment
  • Edge-to-cloud distributed data management

Stay tuned for more details on launch day!

What’s next?

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