Secure Edge-to-Cloud Management Platform Gets a Major Upgrade

27 June 2019 - Geneva, Switzerland

SixSq, the leading edge-to-cloud technology solution provider, today announced a major upgrade of its cloud management platform Nuvla.

Nuvla is a collaboration framework that enables digital transformation and adoption of edge-to-cloud architectures. The platform brings together cloud, edge, AI and IoT, facilitating the implementation of operational edge-to-cloud solutions.

What is the motivation behind the upgrade?

After listening to feedback from customers and partners, the SixSq team has been working hard to make the Nuvla platform even better. Here are some of the drivers:

  • Increase support for a wider range of public clouds, private clouds and private infrastructures
  • Container native, by adopting Docker container technology for packaging and ease of deployment
  • Built on Clojure and Elasticsearch for scalability
  • Architected as micro-services for ease of deployment, operations and update in any container as a service (CaaS) infrastructure
  • Provide an even better NuvlaBox product, managed from Nuvla
  • Facilitate on premise deployment for enterprise customers
  • Flexibility to build more solutions such as NuvlaRetail, NuvlaHealth to complement the current portfolio of NuvlaCity and NuvlaOutpost and NuvlaScience.

“Nuvla is a platform that brings together cloud, edge, IoT and AI, providing a complete solution to manage your near data and AI applications on the cloud to edge continuum,” said SixSq’s CEO Marc-Elian Bégin. “We think the simplified branding delivers a clearer message about SixSq products and services and we are excited to continue helping our customers and partners on their journey in so many different industries.”

What does Nuvla v2 mean for users?

Nuvla refers to the software and, the managed service, thus replacing the brand SlipStream.

The user interface has been fully revamped to provide a simplified, more enjoyable user experience.

It is important to note that existing users of Nuvla are required to create a new account which is easy to do by visiting

A Sample of the New Features

  • Container native: Takes away Container complexity while delivering benefits
  • Security: Improves end-to-end security, from the edge to the cloud and back
  • AI enabler: Accelerates AI deployment in both edge and cloud, while ensuring data is curated for optimum deep learning
  • Data management: Edge-to-cloud distributed data management even works in semi-connected fashion, such that your solutions are resilient
  • Scale-out ready: you can go from pilot to scale with minimum risks

For more on information on Nuvla, visit the SixSq website or take a look at our Solution Brief.

About SixSq

SixSq provides cloud neutral solutions which allow companies and institutions to benefit from cloud computing while avoiding lock-in. Its smart cloud-in-a-box appliance, NuvlaBox®, is a simple plug & play edge solution which provides customers with a private cloud at an affordable price as well as playing an intrinsic part of smart city and IoT strategies. SixSq’s smart multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud management platform, Nuvla®, offers containerised application deployment from a single, simple dashboard. SixSq’s active participation in numerous international cloud initiatives has solidified its reputation as a leading European cloud and edge computing expert. The team, which consists of highly skilled software engineers, developers and system administrators from many different countries, is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and embraces the Swiss ideals of excellence, innovation and precision. For more information, please visit



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