Workshops Demonstrate Success of EDGELIGHTS Project

02 October 2019 - Geneva, Switzerland

Real-time traffic data with energy savings on street lights implemented in Porto and Antwerp

The EDGELIGHTS project leverages real-time traffic data to provide added-value services in the fields of adaptive lighting, traffic optimisation, and public safety. Schréder, the leading independent outdoor lighting service provider in the world and SixSq have developed the VolumLight® solution, which optimises street lighting based on traffic volume. The proposal is to use the street lighting infrastructure already in play for Volumlight as a platform to host a variety of additional applications, and at the same time leverage from data available in the SynchroniCity framework. For this project, the data-driven adaptive lighting solution has been deployed in two large European cities, Antwerp and Porto.

A key event of the project was the workshops that took place in Antwerp and Porto. Attendees included representatives from public and private infrastructure management as well as from city municipalities Experts in edge computing software and lighting presented the solution and demonstrated the existing deployment in the cities, via informative and hands-on sessions.

The attendees were invited to share their business use cases and challenges in the field of smart cities with a view to finding a solution in the framework of the findings of the project.

What is Synchronicity?

SynchroniCity opens a global IoT market for cities and businesses. They develop shared digital services to improve the lives of citizens and to grow local economies. The SynchroniCity project received funding from the European Union research and innovation program Horizon 2020 under grant agreement No. 732240 and fits into the program for large-scale pilot projects of €104 million. 38 partners worldwide - companies, academic institutions, municipalities and NGOs - contribute to the project.

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