Introducing Subscriptions for Edge Management Platform

07 July 2020 - Geneva, Switzerland

SixSq has updated to introduce subscriptions and pricing support. is a secured edge-to-cloud (and back) management platform that enables near-data AI for a connected world. The container native platform supports all forms of cloud infrastructure and allows users to deploy AI and any containerised application at the edge and in the cloud, at scale. Pricing

Customised payments now integrated with the Stripe payment system, enabling flexible pay-as-you-go subscriptions. This integration supports the pricing scheme announced recently.

This means that users now have an easier way to subscribe to to manage their fleet of edge devices, as well as deploy containerised apps in container orchestration engines. The Stripe integration provides a secure and flexible way to pay for services in a pay-as-you-go model that is automatically adjusted to ensure the customer gets the most advantageous discount available, based on monthly usage.

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial

Any user can start a 14-day free trial, directly from Only at the end of the trial will you be asked to provide payment details. Why not take a look at some of the things you can do with an edge management platform then try it out for yourself?

What’s coming next?

This subscription feature is only a first step. Later this year, we will be rolling out a marketplace feature, where app developers will be able to create paying apps in the App Store. This means that will become a business enablement service, where innovative app developers will be able to monetise their work, while edge and edge-to-cloud infrastructure users will be able to leverage this innovation to deliver more value to their business.

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