Launch of Nuvla-io Marketplace Provides Sales Platform for Vendors of Edge Computing Apps

15 November 2020 - Geneva, Switzerland

Launch of Marketplace Provides Sales Platform for Vendors of Edge Computing Apps

Edge solution experts SixSq today announced the launch of the Marketplace, a key element in their mission to deliver a frictionless edge computing platform to vendors and customers.

The Problem with IoT

The IoT revolution has led to an explosion of data produced in a myriad of locations outside of the data centre. This phenomena touches every field, from mobility, transport, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, shipping, and energy, all the way to humanitarian, science and more.

Transferring all of this data to the cloud for processing is not viable. The only way to guarantee security, business integrity and privacy is for the data to be computed near to its source. This decentralised processing, or edge computing, is transforming the way data is handled, and delivering advantages such as reduced latency and bandwidth.

“With we deliver a simple and powerful app store experience to the edge business,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq CEO and Co-founder. “Both vendors and customers benefit from unprecedented agility, flexibility and scalability, but without compromise on security.” is a proven technology platform for industrialisation and automation of edge applications and device management. The newly-launched Marketplace provides a mechanism by which edge applications can be deployed, managed and most importantly updated in a secure manner, at scale. It provides a future-proof solution which allows customers to evolve their infrastructure and applications without the need to physically visit the devices. This not only reduces cost, but also risk, as highlighted by the current pandemic.

A marketplace to enable business at the edge

Organisations, public and private, must transform to take advantage of the IoT revolution. SixSq believes the Marketplace is the only platform capable of providing a fully operational, simple to use, secured by design, dependable and scalable solution. Furthermore, the marketplace brings together all stakeholders to ensure the edge is the place to do business.

Becoming an app vendor or buying apps on the Marketplace is simple and straightforward. Visit the Marketplace for more information

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