Securaxis Sound Analytics Available on Marketplace IoT Edge Platform

25 November 2020 - Geneva, Switzerland

  • City authorities can improve urban environments by leveraging Securaxis sound recognition software
  • Customers can deploy and scale the Securaxis solution using edge management platform

Securaxis’s sound analytics software delivers real-time analysis, reporting, and localisation of sounds with smart acoustic sensing, which makes it ideal for smart city projects. The solution can be integrated with other tools, such as those monitoring air quality or cameras, to give a comprehensive picture of the urban environment. Current applications allow for detection, counting, categorisation of vehicles, indicating speed and flow of road traffic, and real time noise measurement.

A typical customer of Securaxis is the British company Iknaia, which specialises in air quality monitoring. It integrates the Securaxis solution into its own sensors to monitor air quality and road traffic at the same time to analyse the correlation between the two sets of data. Iknaia has chosen Securaxis smart acoustic solution for traffic monitoring as it is a very cost effective, accurate, and scalable solution to be deployed around London.

Until now, Securaxis software has been delivered to customers pre-loaded in a mini computer such as a Raspberry Pi, which the customer then deploys. By offering their solution on the Marketplace, the process becomes faster, simpler and more robust, with the software deployed in a few clicks via the dashboard.

“From a technical perspective, allows us to streamline and automate the distribution and services of our solution. From a business development perspective, we see as a marketplace where our solution is exhibited to the platform’s clients,” said Glenn Meleder, CEO, Securaxis. is a proven technology platform for industrialisation and automation of edge applications and device management. The Marketplace provides a mechanism by which edge applications can be deployed, managed and most importantly updated in a secure manner, at scale.

“Helping start-ups like Securaxis accelerate and streamline their go-to-market is at the heart of why we created and its Marketplace. With it, Securaxis can focus on their innovation and leverage our software infrastructure services to scale their business,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq CEO and Co-founder.

“With, Securaxis can share the hardware blueprint of what the solution requires, and once online, customers can simply purchase the Securaxis Analytics Apps. From there on, everything is automated, from monitoring, to software updates, to invoicing,” he added.

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About Securaxis

Securaxis is a Geneva-based start up specialising in sound analytics. By combining deep AI and acoustics, the company’s product SONAL can monitor traffic and measure in real time road traffic noise. The sensor provides real-time data, and is particularly interesting for communities that refrain from placing cameras in public spaces.

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About SixSq

SixSq’s active participation in numerous international cloud initiatives has solidified its reputation as a leading European cloud and edge computing expert. The team, which consists of highly skilled software engineers, developers and system administrators from many different countries, is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and embraces the Swiss ideals of excellence, innovation and precision. The company provides the edge-to-cloud management platform, which allows companies and institutions to deploy a secure and comprehensive edge and cloud strategy, while avoiding lock-in. The NuvlaBox software turns any x86 or ARM hardware platform into a smart edge device which customers use to deploy retail, outpost, smart city, and science applications.

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