Discussing Sustainable Edge-to-Cloud Solutions at EcoCloud Sustainability Days

10 September 2021 - Geneva, Switzerland

Driving Sustainable Cloud Computing

EcoCloud is a unique EPFL academic research center providing world-class leadership for, and driving innovation in, sustainable cloud computing technologies. The center carries out a wide range of research into topics such as sustainable data centers and the security, privacy and trustworthiness of data platforms and systems.

This year EcoCloud is organising Cloud Sustainability Days, with a two-day programme which covers sustainability in cloud infrastructure with a focus on IT (servers, storage, network) and DC (electricity, cooling, heat recycling) infrastructure efficiency and emissions.

The event includes a mixture of presentations, panel discussions and a workshop, with speakers from IBM, HPE, Microsoft and EPFL. On Day 2, SixSq CEO Marc-Elian Bégin will be talking about Sustainable edge-to-cloud solutions as part of the IT Infrastructure & Circular Economy session. Go along to this amazing venue and and find out how edge computing can contribute the the circular economy in smart cities.


16 & 17 September 2021


The EcoCloud Sustainability Days will take place in the fabulous SwissTech Convention Centre on the EPFL campus.

SwissTech Convention Center

Quartier Nord EPFL

Route Louis-Favre 2

1024 Ecublens


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