Cybus Connectware is now available on the SixSq’s Marketplace for intelligent manufacturing monitoring

13 June 2022 - Geneva, Switzerland

SixSq’s ecosystem facilitates the deployment, management and update of the Manufacturing Data Platform “Cybus Connectware”

Geneva, 13 June 2022. SixSq and Cybus today announced a partnership to make Cybus Connectware conveniently available via the Marketplace. This collaboration significantly simplifies the purchase, deployment and management of Cybus’ leading manufacturing data platform and realisation of intelligent manufacturing monitoring.

Manufacturing companies need to monitor and understand the state of their shop floor and array of machines to improve key performance indicators, such as their overall equipment effectiveness, reduce maintenance effort and increase production quality. With the software solution Cybus Connectware, factories establish full shop floor transparency in only a few weeks. The real-time production data is then directly distributed to built-in monitoring features for powerful and intuitive analysis tools, alerting and dashboarding.

With Cybus Connectware available in the Marketplace, companies can now deploy, manage and update their Manufacturing Data Platform agents remotely and securely. The purchasing and deployment process is fast, simple and robust, with the app deployed at scale in a few clicks via the dashboard.

“From a technical perspective, allows us to streamline and automate the distribution of our Connectware agent aligned with the needs of factories for quick and compatible digitisation setups. This is an important accelerator for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.” says Jonas Schramm, Head of Product at Cybus.

“We are delighted to be working with Cybus. The combination of Cybus Connectware and delivers a simple, secure, powerful and scalable solution to the manufacturing sector. Customers gain a future proof way to scale their edge operations and benefit from great ROI.” said Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq CEO and Co-founder.

The service is available via a pay-as-you-go subscription. You will find Cybus’ Manufacturing Data Platform on the Marketplace.

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About Cybus

The software company Cybus enables industrial manufacturers to efficiently connect and automate their production. Its software “Cybus Connectware” leverages real-time data from the production environment irrespective of its vendors or applications. As a result, factories achieve sustainable competitive advantages such as increased efficiency and quality of the production processes. At the same time, the integrated security solution of the cloud-independent software maintains absolute data sovereignty. Cybus Connectware is used as the central infrastructure component of the Smart Factory architecture by European medium-sized businesses up to the automotive industry.

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About SixSq

SixSq is a leader in edge computing B2B SaaS. The team is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and embraces the Swiss ideals of excellence, innovation and precision., the company’s edge-to-cloud B2B management platform and marketplace, allows customers to deploy a secure and comprehensive edge and cloud strategy, while avoiding lock-in. The NuvlaEdge software turns any x86 or ARM hardware platform into a smart edge device connected to to deploy applications in a range of sectors. The result is a secure edge-to-cloud solution that is application centric, hardware agnostic, cloud neutral and container native.

SixSq is part of the Ekinops Group, a leading network equipment and solutions provider.

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