Discover the main benefits of our programme.

At SixSq, we believe in partnership to share expertise across many domains. Our partner programme is designed to build strong links in order to accelerate business development and delivery in specific AIoT verticals. Partners in the programme benefit from the following:

Full access to our platform

Full access to our platform

So that you can manage, deploy and operate your fleet of edge devices from our SaaS platform

Full access to our NuvlaBox software

Full access to our NuvlaBox software

NuvlaBox installs on either ARM-based or x86 hardware architectures and allows the edge device to be securely operated via Nuvla ( or on-premise installations)

1000s of ready containers

Get started with 1000s of ready containers from the Docker Hub that can be deployed at the edge.

Differentiate your solution

Delight your customers with a cutting edge solution, that is easy to deploy and cost effective to operate.

Free programme

The programme is currently free of charge. So don’t wait. Join now as an early mover in this fast and dynamic market.

Infrastructure & partners

Access to SixSq infrastructure and public sector partners, in order to increase sales reach.

Combined marketing

Co-marketing of your solution through our website and our sales presence in Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and Asia Pacific

Access to competitive pricing for hardware

Wholesale pricing on a range of edge hardware platforms (x86 devices running Linux), including world-wide logistics and delivery

Experts at the ready

Direct access to SixSq’s expertise in edge computing as well as software containerisation to get you going faster.

Access to Use Cases

Access our use-cases, with solid references, such that you can increase your commercial footprint across industry verticals.

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