How does it work? is a management platform, delivered as a Service. Overview

1. Find an app in the store (yours, or someone else’s)

2. Point to your target infrastructure (NuvlaBox or container orchestration engine)

3. Launch!

Now you can manage, monitor and update your app.

… and do the same for your fleet of edge devices.

What do you get?

Who is it for?

Start-ups wanting a fast go-to-market

Start-ups wanting a fast go-to-market

AI needs data to work. And with most of the data produced at the edge, this is where more and more AI applications must run. is the perfect platform to run your AI wizardry.

System Integrators & Telcos

System Integrators & Telcos

Delivering more to your customer is paramount. gives you a simple, yet powerful, platform to integrate app deployment to a wide range of hardware devices at the edge. With our container native and hardware agnostic approach, the choice is yours.

Large Organisations

Large Organisations

Embarking on a new journey can be daunting. takes the risk out of the equation. We will help your organisation find the right app providers, such that you can deploy the right intelligence at the right place, to process the right data.

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