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Container Native

Nuvla is Docker container native. You can deploy into Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. We also support private registries, such that you keep control of your intellectual property. Nuvla will also automatically detect compatibility with the different container orchestration engines.

Enable your Edge

With the NuvlaBox software, create a complete edge-to-cloud solution, including secure registration, update, as well as monitoring and notifications. With choices from a wide range of x86 and ARM hardware platforms, the NuvlaBox software connects automatically to your Nuvla account to extend your IT infrastructure with a fleet of edge devices.


Control all aspects of application deployment, access and data management, including a clear audit trail and fine grain authentication and authorisation, as well as event notifications.

Security control

Nuvla enables end-to-end security controls from edge to cloud, and back, using VPN, identity and access management, as well as integrity enforcement. Nuvla can also integrate with enterprise authentication services and federated identity solutions. More security features

Powerful API exposes the powerful Nuvla REST API. The API allows developers to integrate into third party systems, script it and even use it as Infrastructure as Code. We have put a lot of effort in documenting Nuvla. Go and explore!


Repetitive, manual deployments are costing your organisation money. Introducing automation reduces expenditure and gives your people more time to be creative. Nuvla allows you to manage at scale apps deployed in the cloud and at the edge. NuvlaBoxes are also managed from the same platform, giving you a single pane of glass for your edge-to-cloud fleet.

Docker Hub and registries

Take advantage of 1000s of existing Docker images, such as load balancers, databases, AI tools and more. But don’t stop there, you can extend these and create your own. You will need your own Docker Swarms or Kubernetes to deploy to. And again, all this from the comfort of an as a Service offering.

Any edge hardware - ARM & x86

Via the NuvlaBox software, can manage edge devices based on both ARM and x86 hardware. This means you can choose the right hardware for the right application, and yet use the same management platform to simplify operations.

Made in Switzerland

The service is operated and hosted in Switzelrand. The NuvlaBox and Nuvla software is also designed Switzerland. Working closely with our hardware and distribution partners, we guarantee that the product is integrated and certified according to our highest standards. While an international team, we pride ourselves in our constant quest for precision and excellence.

Any container infrastructure

Any container infrastructure

Nuvla supports Kubernetes, the de-facto standard for the orchestration of large container cluster. Simply capture your application deployment as a Kubernetes manifest and deploy it on any Kubernetes cluster, including your own, with

Cloud neutrality

Nuvla is container native. And since Docker is supported by virtually all public and private clouds, via Docker machine, this means we almost certainly already support the cloud(s) you use.’s infrastructure neutrality means it isolates you from vendor lock-in, providing unprecedented flexibility in your choice of cloud solutions and edge hardware.

On-demand Security

On-demand remote security gives you access to your devices and applications, as you need it and only when you need it. Including renew VPN and Docker credentials at the edge, remotely, from Nuvla.

Multi-cloud and Infrastructures

Nuvla allows you to configure any number of Container as a Service (CaaS) (e.g. Docker Swarm now and Kubernetes soon) endpoints. This means you can mix and match public clouds, private clouds and infrastructure, as well as edge devices such as the NuvlaBox. This enables a simple, yet effective, multi-cloud and infrastructure solution.

On premise installation

You can install Nuvla within your own walls or on a public cloud. You can also buy professional support from SixSq. You will find quick installation instructions to setup a simple Nuvla service. For production setups, we recommend you get in touch.

Nuvla is Open Source software

Nuvla is fully open source software, and we ensure that the entire stack, including its dependencies, is Apache 2.0 compatible. This means that we leverage the latest innovations from the thriving open source communities, but also their maturity. From there, you are able to build your own edge-to-cloud journey, knowing that there is no lock-in.

Designed for Scale

Nuvla is built for scale and extensibility. Nuvla v2 is fully micro-service based, making it simple and straightforward to scale. Built on top of Elasticsearch and Zookeeper, the stateful part of the system also scales horizontally by adding more container resources. If your private cloud is not giving you all you need, but you don’t want to invest in more infrastructure, use Nuvla to scale out to a public cloud and get the best of both worlds. This is hybrid IT in action.

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