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Affordable for small and large deployments, for small to large customers

Edge-to-cloud doesn’t have to be a difficult journey. The NuvlaBox software is simple to install and even industrialise. A perfect first step into edge computing transformation. With the NuvlaBox, you get an affordable entry point into edge-to-cloud, with a human sized team available to accompany you.

Private App Store

Deploy apps on your edge devices from your Private App Store and private Docker registry. This means applications, packaged as containers, are provisioned in 1-click from a catalogue of pre-defined blueprints. 1000s of blueprints are already available in Docker Hub and you be created by your own. SixSq can also help you find the right partner is your are missing a piece of the puzzle.


Certified for all common forms of IP connectivity, the NuvlaBox powered edge device can communicate on mobile (3G, 4G and soon 5G), Ethernet, Wi-Fi and even satellite. When registering a NuvlaBox, a secured VPN connection is established with From there you can control your edge devices as if there were on you private network.

Container Ready

Any application packaged as Docker containers, and built for your hardware platform (i.e. ARM, x86) can be deployed on a NuvlaBox powered edge device. You can also manage multi-container apps using Docker Compose and Docker Swarm. This means you can create highly available apps at the edge and in the cloud.

Cost Savings

By moving to containers, you can replace several physical servers with a single NuvlaBox. And with the secured remote management platform, you can centralise your operations and save on network costs, while improving security and privacy.. Why clog up your office with ugly and noisy servers when you could have a highly optimised, silent and simple to operate edge-to-cloud solution?

Full stack, full power

Unlike most edge solutions, the NuvlaBox software provides you a full stack, from the operating system and up. This mean you can bring your favourite tools, language and libraries to build your edge app. This facilitates reuse and gets you where you want to be faster.

We also don’t force on you a specific Software Development Kit (SDK), avoiding lock-in and unnecessary constraints.


The NuvlaBox software turns any certified x86 and ARM platform into a hyperconverged system, where users can “carve” as much resources as needed for a given application. This means applications can happily run alongside each other, even on small devices, with minimum impact on each other. Via the management platform, containerised applications can be dynamically deployed, monitored and updated, without needing to change the hardware.

Made in Switzerland

The service is operated and hosted in Switzelrand. The NuvlaBox and Nuvla software is also designed Switzerland. Working closely with our hardware and distribution partners, we guarantee that the product is integrated and certified according to our highest standards. While an international team, we pride ourselves in our constant quest for precision and excellence.

NuvlaBox is Open Source software

NuvlaBox is now fully open source software, and we ensure that the entire stack, including its dependencies, is Apache 2.0 compatible. This means that we leverage the latest innovations from the thriving open source communities, but also their maturity. From there, you are able to build your own edge-to-cloud journey, knowing that there is no lock-in.

Support Linux Operating Systems

The NuvlaBox software runs on most Linux operating systems, as long as they support Docker. We have also documented how to build your own Docker images. If you have your own Linux foundation and want to certify it run NuvlaBox software, get in touch.


NuvlaBox is a turn-key solution. From factory settings, you plug it in, power it up and you are good to go. The automated and secured registration process ensures that each edge device is yours and uniquely configured and initialised. This even includes a dedicated set of credentials for Virtual Private Network (VPN) access.

Remote Control

NuvlaBoxes are remotely controlled, using a secured connection, giving you full visibility and manageability of each edge device and the applications running inside of them. This feature works on all IP connectivity, even if the NuvlaBox is connected to the network via a private IP. It also works with intermittent connectivity, which is common in many field scenarios.


Working with specialists hardware vendors, you can create ruggedised platforms, for extreme weather and environments. The same applies for connectivity, including satellite. Combined with our robust software, this means your NuvlaBoxes have the best chance to survive their mission, even in harsh and semi-connected environments. And if a device is compromised, you can use to isolate the device, while it gets investigated.


Once powered-up, the box initiates a secured connection to Once the secured registration process is done, each NuvlaBox is unique and assigned to a specific user organisation. This means that any device can be controlled remotely and isolated (quarantined), upgraded or downgraded should any problems arise. We also work with expert partners to build the most secured edge solution, delivering solutions for stringent applications and highly regulated industries.


Smart factory settings and zero config means it’s a child’s play to set up and use. You can even ship your edge hardware with minimum configuration and let a non-expert in the field register and activate the NuvlaBoxes in a simple and secure manner. Combined with its remote-control capabilities, this means you don’t need IT experts on-site anymore. And you can watch and manage your growing edge assets from the comfort of your centralised dashboard.

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