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Large Enterprises

Large Enterprises

Ideal for larger enterprises wishing to implement Industry 4.0 and IoT strategies. When large amounts of data are produced by sensors, local and real-time analyses and actions are required. With NuvlaBox, data can be processed and anonymised locally, solving the problem of poor networking links to the cloud.

As an edge device, the NuvlaBox can be deployed for near data processing, in a secured, controlled and industrialised manner.

Governments and Public Bodies

Governments and Public Bodies

Due to its simplicity, portability and flexibility, the NuvlaBox has countless uses in the field of Smart City, Smart Grid, school IT infrastructure, Big Science at the edge, field operations, etc.

With such a wide range of applications, why not test us with your use case? We’ll be more than happy to raise to the challenge, or team-up with the right partner to address your needs.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises

The NuvlaBox is perfect for SMEs wishing to access a small to medium-sized private cloud, or create a hybrid private/public cloud strategy. It offers an affordable entry point into private company cloud computing which doesn’t require on-site IT support.

With our cloud partners, we can integrate a hybrid solution that fits SME needs for privacy and control, while benefiting from public cloud pricing.

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For industrial applications

with a wide range of configurations and capabilities


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For desktop applications

with branded devices


Or host it yourself on PC compatible platform.

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