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Powerful API

SlipStream is built around a systematic and powerful REST API. Following the DMTF CIMI standard, the API allows users to integrate SlipStream in third party systems, script it and even use it as Infrastructure as Code. It can also be easily extended. We have put a lot of effort in documenting the API. Go and explore!

Unified authentication

SlipStream can be integrated with third party authentication systems, even including federated identity services. This means you can leverage your own or other existing authentication services.

Container Support

SlipStream supports both container (e.g. Docker Swarm, Kubernetes) and virtual machine deployment. This means you can mix both models, even across clouds, to reach your transformation goals.

Extensible framework

The SlipStream framework is extensible, where developers can add modules, dynamically loaded. For example, connectors can be added to connect to any cloud. Authentication methods can also be added, to nicely mesh with existing IT infrastructures.

Unified metering

Understand your usage across clouds and at the edge using the SlipStream unified metering feature. And with the powerful CIMI query and filtering capabilities, you can integrate this type of near-real-time information in any third party system.


Using the cloud connector feature, SlipStream can connect many different clouds, enabling a simple, yet effective, multi-cloud solution.

Cloud Neutrality

SlipStream communicates with all mainstream cloud infrastructures (i.e., IaaS), via a connector architecture. This means we’re probably already talking to the cloud you use and will make it easier for you to deploy your apps there. Or if you can’t decide which cloud to use, SlipStream takes the stress out of making the wrong decision. SlipStream’s cloud neutrality means it isolates users from vendor lock-in, providing unprecedented flexibility in your choice of cloud solutions.

On premise installation

If you prefer to install SlipStream within your own walls, you can buy an on-premise license. The model can be tailor-made to suit your organisation. This option is best if you need access to support and maintenance, and to proprietary connectors.


SlipStream is built for scale and extensibility. Built on top of Elasticsearch and Zookeeper, and using a micro-service architecture, the system scales horizontally by adding cloud resources.

Modern Technologies

SlipStream is built using the latest software technologies, tools and libraries. Taking advantage of the massive investments from the open source community, we leverage the Java eco-system, Clojure language, Elasticsearch database, Zookeeper coordination engine and DevOps tools.

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