CYCLONE developed a solution for complete dynamic multi-cloud application management from existing, production-quality components. The solution included automated application management, advanced networking, end-to-end security, and federated identity management. The project validated and demonstrate the solution via real world applications, including bioinformatics and smart grid.

SixSq brought SlipStream, a multi-cloud application management platform, as well as its expertise in cloud computing to the collaboration. SlipStream was used as the basis for automated application deployments and extended to include advanced networking and security features. These extensions benefited existing SlipStream users and made it an even more compelling solution.


Partners: 7 lead by Interoute

Duration: 36 Months (ended 31/12/2017)

Funding CYCLONE is funded through the European Commission’s H2020 programme under grant agreement 644925. SixSq is supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI under contract number 15.0034

Goal for SixSq: Generally bringing SlipStream as a platform for cloud application management and integrating, expanding features for project.

Main features

  • Inclusion of federated identity management developed and/or used by project
  • Inclusion of security features to facilitate the application level security: possibly key generation and management, encryption, network proxies, etc.
  • Demonstration of real multi-cloud applications and management of cross-site networking and data issues.
  • Integration of networking resources within SlipStream

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