Mobile Fog-to-Cloud

Fog computing brings cloud computing capabilities closer to the end-device and users. When put together, cloud and fog computing create a new stack of resources, which we refer to as Fog-to-Cloud (F2C), creating the need for a new, open and coordinated management ecosystem. The mF2C project sets the goal of designing an open, secure, decentralized, multi-stakeholder management framework, including novel programming models, privacy and security, data storage techniques, service creation, brokerage solutions, SLA policies, and resource orchestration methods. The framework sets the foundations for a novel distributed system architecture, developing a proof-of-concept system and platform, to be tested and validated in real-world use cases, as envisioned by the industrial partners in the consortium with significant interest in rapid innovation in the cloud computing sector.

Project Focus

  • design an open, secure, decentralized, multi-stakeholder management framework
  • privacy and security
  • data storage techniques
  • brokerage solutions
  • SLA policies
  • resource orchestration methods

SixSq’s role in the project:

Within the project, SixSq will bring its experience in building cloud systems and early work in IoT and edge computing to the overall architecture. Furthermore, SixSq will also share its vision in building highly valuable products and services, such as the open source Nuvla service and the NuvlaBox product range. As a professional agile pratitioner, SixSq will contribute and share its industrial software development practices to ensure that mF2C results are of the highest possible quality. SixSq will quikcly integrate mF2C results into its commercial products and services.

Project Website

Funding mf2c is funded through the European Commission’s H2020 programme under grant agreement 730929. SixSq is funded by SERI under contract number 16.0202.

Duration: 01 January 2017 to 31 December 2019.


The project involves ten partners:

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