Security and data protection issues are a significant barrier to wider use of cloud platforms. PaaSword aims to reduce those barriers by providing trusted, secure storage on cloud services. It will use encryption, advanced policy-based placement and context-aware access control to realize secure, trusted cloud storage.

SixSq will use SlipStream as a “Platform as a Service” to demonstrate how the project’s storage components can be deployed easily as part of a larger, web-based application. On one hand, SlipStream is a use case for the project, but SixSq will also enhance SlipStream with features to facilitate the implementation and use of PaaSword storage components.

Project website:

Funding PaaSword is funded through the European Commission’s H2020 programme under grant agreement 644814. SixSq is supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI under contract number 15.0047.

Duration: 36 Months (ended 31/12/2017)

Partners: 10 lead by CAS

Goal for SixSq: Main contribution is bringing a “use case” for deployment of applications needing secure storage to the cloud. Integration of project software into SlipStream Platform as a Service feature set.

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