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Near data processing

Bring the processing to the data. Instead of moving tons of data to the cloud, do the sensible thing and take advantage of edge computing. This means you process your data in near real-time and reduce your reliance on the network. In a smart city context, relying on the quality of your network is not so, well… smart.


The NuvlaCity solution is industrialised, which means the entire delivery, set up and operations chain has been automated, so that there are no surprises from pilot to production. Our providers and services are able to grow with your demand and success.

Any sensor any actuator

Write your applications in any language. Don’t limit yourself to an SDK or a proprietary eco-system. NuvlaCity builds on the open SixSq eco-system, giving you all the freedom possible. We write a lot of our apps in Python, but any other language, running on most operating systems, will work as well.

Most protocols

NuvlaCity adapts to any IP-based protocol to communicate with the wide area network. It can also aggregate data from sensors using a direct physical connection or radio protocols (e.g. LoRa).

Start Simple and Grow

In a smart city transformation, we find that starting with one vertical application (e.g. lighting, air quality, sound pollution) is easier than rolling out an entire horizontal platform. But if you have the vision and are ready to align a few planets, this works as well. NuvlaCity delivers, whether you start top-down or bottom-up.

Manage Cloud Apps as Well

Depending on your use-case, you might want to also manage your data analytics (or other apps) in the cloud, as part of NuvlaCity. Remember the Nuvla service is a multi-cloud management platform as well.

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