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Bridging the Digital Divide

The quality of education in developing and rural areas often lags behind due to lack of or poor quality teaching material, limited teacher training, poor IT infrastructure and support. In addition, rural schools struggle with limited or unreliable wired or mobile connectivity. Find out how you can revolutionise education with a simple plug and play solution by reading our eGuide.

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Bringing Innovative IT to Remote Communities

Although the trend is towards urbanisation, 45% of the world’s population still lives in rural areas. These remote areas are often overlooked when it comes to communication technology infrastructure, including provision of high-speed, secure internet access. Research shows that quality infrastructure can help improve society and the economy in rural areas. Find out how NuvlaOutpost can deliver an affordable solution by reading our eGuide.

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Giving an Edge to Satellite Services

Satellite communications bring connectivity to customers in rural and remote areas who cannot obtain internet access from a terrestrial provider. This gives satellite companies a huge opportunity to deliver add-on service applications to these locations. The problem is how to deliver, maintain and support these applications securely and within a reasonable budget.

The NuvlaOutpost solution provides users of satellite connectivity and service providers with an affordable platform to host and support applications over a satellite link, drastically reducing operational costs yet at the same time improving service to the end user.

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