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We deliver simplicity in this complex IT world. Our cutting-edge cloud technologies give you friction-less application deployment automation and all the tools you need to understand your cloud usage, control your costs and get more out of the cloud.

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Our Cloud App Deployment Software Solution

  • Supports New and Legacy applications
  • All clouds included
  • Great open source DevOps platform
  • Simple Multi Cloud solution
  • Build your own powerful PaaS
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Our Smart Cloud-in-a-box Appliance

  • Private and Secure Cloud for SMEs
  • Rapid deployment for field operations
  • Zero config making IT child's play
  • Perfect private cloud companion for hybrid solution
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Our Free Application Deployment Platform

  • Multi-cloud application deployment
  • Easy access to wide range of clouds
  • Dashboard for simplified cost control
  • Friction-less application deployment
  • Powered by SlipStream
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What people say about us?

451 Research

"SixSq delivers the type of fluid and secure solutions for application deployment automation that are critical to successful businesses."

William Fellows, Analyst, Research Vice President and Co-founder, 451 Research


"SlipStream is much more transparent than the Amazon scaling tool & the resilient scaling feature helps massively."

Mayur Ahir, Senior Lead Developer, PlayGen

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What's coming up?

SlipStream Training

Sign Up for our next SlipStream Training Event in Geneva, Switzerland on 8 and 9 February 2016!

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