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The Edge in Action: NuvlaBox combines all the benefits of cloud and edge computing.

30% savings with Volumlight Smart Street Lighting

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Delivering Innovative IT to Remote Communities

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Our products and services


Smart Cloud Brokerage

  • All Clouds to choose from
  • No lock-in
  • Cost control
  • Self-service IT
  • Clear governance
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Smart Cloud-in-a-box Appliance

  • Ideal for IoT & Smart City projects
  • Private and secure cloud
  • Edge Computing Solution
  • Remote management & application update capabilities
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Smart Cloud Application Management

  • Any application in any cloud
  • 1-click application deployment
  • Supports DevOps, Big Data and Smart City strategies
  • Cost savings via automation
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Smart Cloud-in-a-box Appliance

NuvlaBox Standard

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NuvlaBox Mini

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Building the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

SixSq and Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM

As a Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM partner, SixSq takes advantage of HPE’s full Edgeline series, as well as their global network of customers and business partners. Packaging SixSq’s innovative software in HPE hardware delivers customers with reliable solutions for a wide range of IoT, edge and smart city scenarios. By using a wide range of devices from small embedded systems all the way to larger units for big data analytics at the edge, we are leveraging data close to its source to improve services and the environment for citizens, as well as deliver energy and cost saving to public and private customers.

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What people say about us?

451 Research

"SixSq delivers the type of fluid and secure cloud solutions for application deployment automation that are critical to successful businesses."

William Fellows, Analyst, Research Vice President and Co-founder, 451 Research


"SlipStream is much more transparent than the Amazon scaling tool & the resilient scaling feature helps massively."

Mayur Ahir, Senior Lead Developer, PlayGen

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What's coming up?

Open House on Open innovation for IOT and Sustainability


Join SixSq at the HPE Customer Centre for discussions and demonstrations of innovative IoT solutions. Plus a tour of this great centre of innovation. Registration is free.

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Latest News

SixSq’s Innovative Cloud Platform Chosen for Big Data Pilot Phase


Along with RHEA Group, T-Systems, Exoscale, Advania and Cyfronet, SixSq will be working on the needs of the European scientific community in both commercial and hybrid clouds.

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