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Affordable, multi-cloud application management platform, built on open source professional software, for the enterprise, with love.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Take full advantage of the cloud, avoiding cloud provider and technology lock-in
  • Automate application deployment for your team, your organisation or your customers
  • Streamline your processes with your own self-service IT platform or Enterprise App Store
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DevOps platform

  • Increase the velocity and quality of your development and deployment
  • Integrate cloud deployment into the heart of your development process
  • Add full app deployment to your continuous integration system
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Hybrid cloud manager

  • Eliminate shadow-IT and reclaim infrastructure control
  • Take full advantage of public cloud with sound governance and no compromise on security
  • Use private and public cloud together to reduce costs and increase elasticity
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SlipStream Smart Cloud-in-a-box appliance

SixSq provides cloud computing solutions to companies of all sizes. We specialise in process automation, bringing financial benefits to our customers via our unique products.


Private cloud for SMEs

  • Affordable entry point to cloud
  • Sets up in seconds, runs forever
  • Remote management and update of apps
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Rapid IT for field operations

  • Simple, quick set up makes NuvlaBox ideal for IT operations in field or outpost
  • Apps and content delivered using a number of IP links (e.g. land, satellites, air)
  • Ruggedised casing and fanless design provide increased operational lifespan
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Simple IT solution for complex world

  • Plug and play set up
  • Point and click application deployment
  • Apps cached locally, reducing dependency on network availability
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