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SixSq was founded in August 2007. The company provides the edge-to-cloud management platform, which allows companies and institutions to deploy a secure and comprehensive edge and cloud strategy, while avoiding lock-in.

Following the acquisition of SixSq by Ekinops in November 2021, SixSq is now an Ekinops Company.

The NuvlaEdge software turns any x86 or ARM hardware platform into a smart edge device. Think of NuvlaEdge as the Linux or Windows of edge devices (in fact, it is based on Linux). also provides a private app store, with the same convenience as the Apple App Store, but for deploying apps at the edge and in the cloud. As long as your app is containerised, you can deploy it with Nuvla in a click! It’s that easy to use!

We believe will accelerate AI deployment at the edge and take away management complexity, while giving you full control over your data.

Our customers use it to deploy logistics & shippingtransportretailmanufacturing applications, and more. What will you do with it? Let us know.

Creating complex and sophisticated software and services like NuvlaEdge and is not trivial. We pour all our passion and energy into writing the best software possible. We hope you’ll have as much fun using our products and services as we have creating them. If you do, please tell us, and if ever we’re not meeting your expectations, we’d really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

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